Inaugural Survey of Wards 7 & 8:

ElectED DC released results from its inaugural Survey of Wards 7 and 8, a landmark study of the aspirations, priorities and needs of communities East of the River.


Summary of Poll Results

The survey, conducted by Public Policy Polling from October 11-12, 2022, gathered responses from 586 registered voters in Wards 7 and 8.

60% generally dissatisfied with the current state of affairs East of the River.

Widespread dissatisfaction:

60% of respondents say they are generally dissatisfied with the current state of affairs east of the River, compared to 20% who reported feeling satisfied and 20% who said they were not sure.

74 percent can shape community

HOWEVER–Nearly 3 in 4 believe they can change their community for the better:

At the same time, respondents overwhelmingly feel that they play a role in shaping their community, with 74% saying they somewhat or strongly agreed that they can.

50 percent Trust Local Leaders

AND–Majority trusts leaders in local government:

A majority of respondents, 50%, reported that they somewhat or strongly trust their leaders in city government.

Strong desire for more high-quality schools:

55% of respondents strongly or somewhat believe there are NOT enough high-quality schools in Wards 7 and 8.

Schools need strengthening:

50% of respondents say they strongly or somewhat disagree with the statement that Wards 7 & 8 schools provide pathways to good jobs and financial stability. Another 16% said they were not sure while 33% said they strongly or somewhat agree with the statement.

Most would not send their kids to a Ward 7 or 8 school:

30% of respondents say they would be willing to send their child to a school in wards 7 or 8, 31% say they would not, and 39% said they were not sure or do not have children.

School safety top & college prep schools issues:

Top reasons for NOT being willing to send their children to school were school safety (35%) and college preparation (25%).

Crime and safety top overall issue:

Neighborhood crime and safety was the top priority among respondents (44%), followed by housing costs and rising prices (19%), and voting rights (16%).

East of the River getting shortchanged:

54% of respondents also reported that they somewhat or strongly disagree with the statement that the District is doing what is needed for communities east of the river to thrive compared to what it is doing for those west of the river.

Economic optimism is low:

39% of respondents say they are pessimistic about their community’s economy today, with 33% saying they were optimistic and 28% saying they were not sure.

Not enough progress on top issues:

59% of respondents said they were somewhat or very dissatisfied with progress regarding their top issue.

COVID-19 -Impacted Well-Being

COVID-19 had a big impact on economic wellbeing:

A large majority of respondents reported that the COVID pandemic impacted their economic wellbeing with 83% saying that it did a lot, some or a little.

ElectED DC will release additional data from the survey in the coming weeks as part of a series of community conversations in Wards 7 and 8.